Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Meditation on Life

Among the Trees (Click on the photo to go to the gallery.)
Hello, dear friends. It has been a while since I have posted here. My stepfather passed away recently, and I have been spending a lot of time with my family. I hope to return here very soon. And thank you to those who have sent me kind messages. I appreciate it very much.

Death has a way of changing things, interrupting things, creating a silent gap. At these times, I try to open myself up to the halting and find a way through the grief. Navigating a new path through a new death is not easy. There is a void. There is a missing place. There is a loss. Although this loss lasts forever, we somehow find a way to accept, to fill in the void, even though a place remains open. I once watched a bird lose its mate. A gust of wind thrust the mate violently against a tree, and it fell to the ground. The bird flew to its side and sang in a mournful tone. It remained there for quite some time until it finally accepted the loss, realized its mate was no longer there, and then flew off to live, to survive.

© copyright 2013 Michelle A. Potter

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  1. Hey,I appreciate your writing.We all realize that life ends in death.But very frequently we are not able to envision that our life will reach an end.This is particularly valid for some young adults who live in protected and prosperous spots where passing is generally escaped view.These young individuals are regularly loaded with desires and forward-looking ideas,and they consider life an open horizon,while demise appears as though it is far away,lost in the fogs of an inaccessible time.unfortunately,these young individuals are at the start of a well traveled path that leads from purity to encounter to infirmity, and afterward out of existence.
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