About Me

Creative and sensitive, I have always seen the world through senses that extract nuances and character. Unable to express these impressions as easily as I would like, I turn to artistic routes through photography and writing. These aesthetic avenues allow me to express the full effect of what I see, hear, smell, taste and feel. I am attracted to the subtle beauty of nature and the unnoticed glance--and attempt to express that through my creative eye.

I love nature and find it a respite, calming me and feeding my senses. In my garden or in nature, I find so much to photograph. Nature touches and inspires me with a depth that I attempt to express through creativity. To hear the boisterous morning calls of the Carolina Wren or to smell the crisp cool air of an autumn sunrise are only a few of the joys I find in nature. Although I have been observing and enjoying nature for many years, I discover new and interesting elements all of the time.


Michelle Ayn Potter graduated with honors in Communications (Bachelor of Arts) from the University of Louisville with a minor in Fine Arts. She has written several books, written award-winning poetry, and has had her writing published in magazines, newspapers and books. Her photographs have won photography contests and been exhibited at art shows in Washington, DC. She is a Master Gardener and teaches composting classes in the community.


You can contact me at: mapotter4 (at) gmail.com