Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer Delight

A Summer Pause (Click the image to be taken to my photo gallery.)

What a summer this has been--what with dangles of jewels in the garden and breezes that soften the edges of heat. I wish that every summer could be so delightful.

© copyright 2014 Michelle A. Potter


  1. Happy to find you here on this site...and what a stunning photo to greet me...wonderful Michelle! I started a new blog as well and now have 2. The new one has more photography (though no DSLR yet)...but I am exploring more with photography and writing more there....visit me when you get a chance

  2. I am so glad to find you here, Michelle. I have explored this site and your photography is stunning! I wish you well in your new venture. P. x

  3. Happened to notice you at the bottom of a blogroll. Hope life is kind to you as you tread new paths.

  4. Beautiful photography Michelle. Good luck to you with your new venture!