Thursday, September 20, 2018

Autumn is Calling
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Autumn is almost here, and I am waiting, with bated breath, for those cool breezes that sweep my hair from my brow as if someone reached over with their hand and softly brushed it away. The effulgent colors ranging from the color of a Merlot wine to the deep gold of a daisy’s center are not far from memory as I behold the few trees with leaves that are tinting towards autumnal glow. When there are enough leaves on the ground to sprinkle me a path to wherever, I will amble through a painted garden of golden delight as the lowering sun sends me a direct ray so full and tangible I am sure I can grasp it and fly high and away. I have made a vow to observe each day—through the labyrinth of fanning leaves, through the wisps of seeding flower heads, through the winding paths of intertwining branches—the transformation from summer green to autumn blaze and dazzle.

© copyright 2018 Michelle A. Potter

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